FMEA Facili­tation

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is a powerful method to up-front identify and reduce risks from a technical as well as commercial perspective. We support you with our know-how and our facili­tation.

In many industries the deployment of FMEA methodology is essentually required or prescribed (i.e. medical, automotive) while in other industries it is often expected or implemented by companies from self-motivation.

FMEA helps to reduce risks and associated costs for warranties and liabilities, and above all product liability.

Have the right start!

FMEA methodology is great, but not easy to implement efficiently!


Our experts will support you, especially at project start or the process of FMEA implemen­tation.


We know the "Hard Facts":

  • How do I correctly design a structure?
  • System, Product, and Process FMEA: Which is approriate and when?
  • How to make the assessment?
  • How can I monitor actions taken and control these effectively?


And we know the "Soft Facts":

  • How can one motivate the Team?
  • How to deal with disruptions?
  • Which questions should be asked, which must be asked?
  • How can FMEA be introduced efficiently and implemented successfully?

For your own advantage, use our knowledge and expertise, acquired in many similar cases:


FMEA-Methodology (Practical-Training)

Learn about the Methodology in an open training session, and form your own opinion regarding the benefits and opportu­nities.

Become confident of your own evaluation and understand the details of the process.

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FMEA-Starter Package (in-house)

One half-day session (how do we proceed and what do we want to accomplish?) is comple­mented by the addition of one or two days during which we will work "hands-on" with you on a pilot project.

The advantage for you: FMEA is fully understood and used in a hands-on project. You will have a method­ological template and a practical example taken directly from your own scope of applications. Questions can be answered immediately as these develop.

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