FORUM: Complaints - Opportunity or Burden?

View Complaints as an opportunity and use them as such.

Together with you we would like to explore the broader issues of the often unpleasant topic of complaints

Good management of complaints is often not burdened with added costs but instead can bring additional profits!


Through consistent action using the 8D-Process you will achieve high customer loyalty and customer satisfaction:

  • Identi­fi­cation of immediate steps

  • Search for and identify the root causes of the complaint

  • Correct these root causes

  • Take preventive measures to avoid repetition


To understand customer complaints as an opportunity, and to use it as such, requires that management raise the awareness of customer expectations on all levels, while creating the necessary organi­za­tional and data processing support structures.


Together with our partner IBS AG we will open new avenues for a structural introduction to the practical application of the integrated solution, and to the identi­fi­cation of opportu­nities for further optimization.


We invite you to participate in one of our workshops.

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