Take advantage of our practical suggestions that will allow you to systemize and simplify the managing of your FMEA-Projects (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis).

More FMEA-Tips are available in the German translation of the page.

  • FMEA Tip: Meaningful Standard­ization of Functions

    It often becomes very useful, especially at the very highest systems levels, to connect standardized functions to the elements of these systems and create such standard­izations for a product or process group, for a specific location or for an enterprise.

  • FMEA Tip: Simplify the entry of Malfunctions

    A simple Rule:

    If one creates a failure function by negation of the target function, one can be certain that no failure causes are anticipated.

  • FMEA Hint: create clear links

    The FMEA rules state that within the framework of a systems analysis a link must be created which connects a specific failure with its causes and its effects.

  • FMEA-Tip: implement FMEA right away

    FMEA avoids risks upfront and not backwards analytical.

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