Personnel Recruitment made easy - Our 4-Step System

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    Analysis of the Requirements

    • Definition of functions/responsibilities
    • Interface Analysis
    • Development of list of skills required consistent with strategy
    • Creation of catalogue of requirements

    Search for the Candidate

    Search supported by Advertisements

    • Selection of appropriate types of media
    • Design and layout
    • Text
    • Media Planning/Coordination/Implementation

    Direct Search

    Establishing contact with selected individuals now employed in specif­ically selected companies, or directly with other already identified candidates

    • Proper contact mediation
    • Preparation/Coaching for the Recruiting Process
    • Contract negotiations or support in such negotiations


    • virtual personnel search in selected data bases,
    • creation of a candidate register
    • posting Job Description in the Internet 

    Pre-screening suitable Applicants

    Consultat to select the proper Method & Interview process

    • Define decision-making process

    • Application analysis (Data check, pre-screening, priori­tizing, rejection letters, reports)

    • Prescreening (Telephon interview or On-line-Contact, rejection letters, reports)

    • First round Interview with report

    • Second round Interview (presen­tation of the candidate, structured, moderated and goal-specific interview)

    Group Process with pre-selected Applicants

    • Conceptual design and Implemen­tation of Assessment Center

    • 3-step, moderated Round-Table-Discussions, dual Selection­process 


    • planning for orientation

    • Checklists

    • Coaching (in regular intervals or as needed) 

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