FMEA Tip: Meaningful Standard­ization of Functions

It often becomes very useful, especially at the very highest systems levels, to connect standardized functions to the elements of these systems and create such standard­izations for a product or process group, for a specific location or for an enterprise.

Similar to an Index, these functions can then be used as headers to group different kinds of failure images.


These should be different and depend upon the type of FMEA:

Product-FMEA (Examples):

  • Meeting geometric requirements
  • Meeting functional requirements
  • Meeting optical requirements
  • Meeting norms and Standards

Process-FMEA (Examples)

  • Allow for economic production
  • Avoid losses and waste
  • ensure a safe work place
  • ensure protection of the environment

When using a Hyprid-FMEA, functions from both of these FMEA-types can be used.

It really does make sense!

Your FMEAs care created with a uniform and profes­sional structure, and can be more easily understood by non team members (knowledge base).

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