FMEA Hint: create clear links

The FMEA rules state that within the framework of a systems analysis a link must be created which connects a specific failure with its causes and its effects.

While this may not be so difficult in single case, the team may experience fatigue after a relatively short period of time.


In such a situation it can be helpful to include, for example with a Design-FMEA,  requirements specifi­cations as a (green) function to the top element, which  then is formally negated, so it becomes available as a (red) failure effect.

In a similar way one deals with the causes, which can be summarized at the lower end of the structure in a system element "causes", so they can be utilized for several structure elements as Causes.


CAQ=QSYS software offers the opportunity to open a view with 3 windows and see them next to one another.

Failure Effect  ←  Failure ←  Failure Cause

It now becomes quite easy to find a Failure (middle window), link it to the cause (right window) and to then find the failure effects (left window) and create a further link.

Please remember when you use the mouse to create the links you must create these in the direction of the arrows, from failure cause to failure and from failure to failure effect, so that the entries are in the proper sequence.

Try it : it really simplifies teamwork !

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